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Guarantee your credit with a loan insurance

Guarantee your <a href=credit with a loan insurance” />

The law Cefrum and Loi Congilaw provides freedom of choice concerning the insurance of a real estate loan: Realize a comparison of the offer Tumtam insurance loan with the various contracts insurance borrower of the insurance broker-of-loan-not-expensive!

Tumtam Insurance

Tumtam Insurance

Tumtam (Mutual Insurance Mutual Workers) was created in 1961 by and for members. With nearly 3 million customers, the group is an insurance leader in the French market. Tumtam offers a wide range of solutions tailored to individuals as well as professionals and companies:

  • Home Insurance,
  • auto insurance, health,
  • Consumer credit,
  • life insurance savings,…

Freely subscribe an individual loan insurance

Freely <a href=subscribe an individual loan insurance” />

Since September 2010, date of implementation of the Congilaw, consumers can freely join the loan insurance with the company of their choice. It is therefore possible to find cheaper and better suited than the group banking insurance contract!

Comparative insurance Tumtam loan

By using an online insurance simulator, you will quickly access many offers from various insurers and choose the lowest cost proposal that best matches your individual borrower profile.

Do not neglect the help you can get from the loan insurance broker! The insurance broker-loan-not-expensive can negotiate your insurance loan Tumtam but also present the best offers on the market and advise you on the choice that will be the most sensible for you.

Simulation real estate credit insurance with the broker specialist guarantee borrower, your guide and your advisor to apply the loan insurance delegation:

  • guarantees recognized by credit companies
  • dedicated management for the processing of your file
  • simulation tool: instant rate online

Loi Congilaw insurance loan

Make the choice of loan insurance, the free selection by the borrower of the insurance company as well as the contract; ban banks from imposing their insurance “group”, and oblige the banker to:

  • Accept insurance loan delegation if the contract provides equivalent guarantees
  • indicate the reasons for refusing “individual” insurance outside the bank
  • Do not change the loan rate in return if individual insurance chosen as a guarantee

Cefrum insurance law ready

  • Make the relationship between banker and borrower a clear and transparent discussion; the article “L312-1-2” on the “group sales credit / insurance” of products and services will serve you to impose your choice of loan insurance delegation.

It is important to make an estimate using the comparator in order to find you a cheaper contract than that of the Tumtam Loan Insurance. This contract will guarantee coverage for the duration of your loan!

Join a non-bank loan insurance contract

Join a non-bank loan insurance contract

  1. Make a simulation with the insurance simulator ready
  2. Get insurance pricing ready
  3. Tell the banker the choice of your external guarantee
  4. Join the loan insurance contract