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Since the implementation of the Cogilaw Company, you can freely choose your loan insurance to ensure the repayment of your credit in case of death, disability, or unemployment: comparative offers Diffcard loan insurance with contracts insurance loan cheap the broker specialized in guarantee borrower.

Subscribe to delegated loan insurance

Subscribe to delegated loan insurance

Diffcard is the insurance company of BNP Paribas Diffcard. It designs and markets savings and retirement products and services. With a strong presence in Europe, Latin America and Asia, Diffcard’s activities are geographically diversified. Present in 36 countries, the insurance company counts today among its partners more than 35 of the most important banks of the world. In France, it is present through a network of 18 regional departments and offices and 150 correspondents.

Unlock the most competitive loan protection by using the comparator

Choose freely a mortgage loan insurance

Since September 2010, borrowers have the opportunity to freely subscribe their loan insurance with the insurance company of their choice. So you can compete and opt for the loan insurance policy that suits you best.

Compare your Diffcard loan insurance with other contracts

Compare your Diffcard loan insurance with other contracts

Using an online insurance comparator loan, you can compare various offers of several insurers and choose the cheapest and most suitable proposal for your situation. An individual insurance from an insurer outside the lender can better protect you than the bank’s group insurance policy.

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The Lagarde law is better information and greater freedom of choice for all borrowers, thanks to the ban on banks to impose their insurance “home”, obliges them to:

  • delegation of insurance accepted if equivalent guarantees
  • reasons for refusal of an “external” insurance indicated
  • Do not increase the rate and conditions of the loan

Loan Insurance Murfaces Real Estate Law

The purpose of the law is to prohibit the “bundling credit/insurance borrower” of products and services.