Redemption of credits at the beginning of September 2015

Finished the days of rest with family or friends in the sun !!!

The summer holiday period for people who are going to relax elsewhere or at home, in order to be in good physical condition at the beginning of the school year, is coming to an end.

The recovery is a time of the year that must be mastered in order to start the beginning of the school year, so, how to prepare the start of the year two thousand and fifteen ?

Prepare for the new school year September 2015

Prepare for the new school year September 2015

The recovery of professional activity has started for everyone since the beginning of this first week of September.

The preparation of school supplies and the purchase of clothing (sporting goods…) is done before the D-day. The ideal to carry out the process, and to provision a precise budget for all the expenses to be undertaken.

Organize by sorting in the cabinets that could be filled with anything and everything during the summer holidays, running from June to August!

The setting up of a weekly schedule is recommended in order to anticipate all the tasks coming from each week.

Back to school how much does it cost?

Back to school how much does it cost?

Some sources indicate that September 2015 is at a higher cost than last year.

However, it is important to indicate that the amount to be disbursed varies according to the educational level of the person (s) concerned.

For example:

  • It is necessary to count a cash value to be disbursed more than the previous year for young new pupils who pass in sixth grade, an increase of two point seven seven percent (2.17%) or a value in € of 189 about.
  • In the case of back to university, it is necessary to provide a stock exchange of about 258 € down from the year two thousand and fifteen -189 €.

Use consumer credit as leverage

Contract a money loan of the consumer credit type as leverage to be able to collect the amount in cash enough to purchase all the necessary equipment (school supplies, clothing, transport, etc.).

This is to contract a fixed rate amortization loan of an amount equal to the expenses over a relatively short amortization period in order to obtain the best possible interest rate.